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We are the nursery Wilfried Janßen, a nursery from the beautiful Ammerland near Oldenburg in the north of germany.
For over 30 years we have been we have been passionately dedicated to the breeding and cultivation of bamboo, especially the non-stolonizing Fargesia.

With the Well Born Bamboo® Africa series, we are setting new standards in bamboo selection. This collection of selected varieties, tested for many years in a wide variety of locations, offers a fascinating variety and completely new possibilities in garden design.

Wonderwalls Fargesia Bamboo WellBorn Bamboo Africa

In our store we present selected and limited novelties. Create your own Wonderwall privacy and windbreak with our new Africa collection. Get creative with our sophisticated topiary varieties. Or enhance your balcony or patio with the delicate Honey Guide as a container planting.

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Everything you need to know about the Well Born Bamboo® Africa collection can be found here.

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The bamboo search can be so simple…!

Malachite Monkeys® is a bamboo we can recommend in all conscience for almost any project:

Grows in clumps – does not make root runners – does not grow too tall.
Ideal as a hedge plant, for containers and in solitary position.
Tolerates sunny, as well as shadier locations.
Grows upright and does not overhang – Vigorously green even in winter.

Topiary bamboo

Whether hedge or ball, our special topiary varieties surprise everyone

Fargesia pot bamboo

On any terrace and balcony they cut a fine figure

Bamboo hedges

Evergreen bamboo hedges as low-maintenance privacy screen all year round

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Customer testimonials

“In my search for the right bamboo, I came across the Wonderwalls store. I was thrilled by fast service, professional advice and top quality! My Malachite Monkeys – hedge is coming on great and fits perfectly in my garden!”

Bamboo hedge customer testimonial
Sophie Klostermann

(Osnabrück, Germany)

We will not leave you alone with the bamboo care even after the purchase!

You can find our care tips here

“We have had some compact growing bamboo plants from Janßen Nursery in our small garden for a few years now and we are super satisfied! The online store now gives us the opportunity to have the plants delivered directly to us in Bavaria. A super thing!”

Bamboo Garden Customer Testimonial
Jannek Gröne & Sarah Braeuninger

(Munich, Germany)

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Green Lion Fargesia Bamboo
Well-Born Africa Bamboo
Malachite Monkeys Fargesia Bamboo
Fargesia Green Lion topiary bamboo

Everything for your magnificent bamboo garden!

Certainly, the most common application for bamboo plants, is the use of bamboo as a screen. In addition to our already well-known and established varieties such as Fargesia Maasai®, Fargesia Blue Lizard® and Fargesia Red Zebra®, our new varieties in particular are ideal as privacy screens.

Just a fence with boards, a barrier of wire or steel, look rather cold and not very harmonious, if you already have a beautiful garden.

Some would rather have their favorite plants as houseplants or for the balcony. There many plants need other properties than in a large garden or as a screen. More about this, by the way, in our FAQ.

In most cases, we all want a decorative garden. Exactly for this purpose, our selection of suitable plants is wide.

Whether you want to buy a bamboo as a balcony plant or even plan to create an entire bamboo garden, the most important thing is to buy healthy and proven varieties.

For decades we love and care about everything around this great plant: bamboo growth, propagate and grow, sell bamboo and what is not unimportant, the bamboo shipping.

After all, as a customer, you want high quality bamboo without runners. After all, who wants trouble with their neighbors?

After all, gardening and garden planting should be fun.

Even if it certainly makes some work to plant the plants, to cut, to maintain, to design for privacy or to make winter-proof.

If you have a beautifully designed garden, you usually want your plants to look very special too.

If there a bamboo hedge can be well and easily cut into shape, it also makes the work easier.

We have grown very special species of bamboo for this purpose. You can cut no other variety of bamboo into shape so that they look as a screen or hedge, at least as shapely as top iaries. Even as an evergreen throughout the year. Just take a look around the store.

Whether in a tub, as a houseplant or hedge for privacy, we supply you with exactly the plants that will bring you joy all year round. Choose your favorite now!

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